Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is it just me?

Why is it that when I'm sick and have commitments and then cancel those commitments because I'm sick...I tend to feel just a little better? And then I question whether or not I can still follow through on the commitments that I just cancelled?

Is it just me? Or does that ever happen to you?

Is my body just telling me I need a break? Granted...I have a fever, sore throat, and achy body. So I'm legitimately sick and don't need to prove anything to anybody (yet I'm sharing more now as if I do have something to prove). So I will leave it at this.

Now you all know the mind of David just a little better. I can't apologize enough. :)

And now I wonder how Karen does it? She's never sick and even when she is (which is rare) she doesn't stop. She will certainly enjoy the "rest" that comes with immortality in the next life!


Mom said...

I've had times like that. I think that you are normal.
David, it is a woman thing, with Karen. Just take it on good authority.

Sarah said...

That's exactly how I feel -- I find it SO difficult to call in sick to work, and I almost always feel guilty if I do call in sick because I usually begin to feel better throughout the day... You're not alone, Dave!