Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan U wary

I suppose we should all be wary of my blogging bug. 

Not that I recall where we got the gold ribbon from, but the yellow comic does not disappoint.

Can  you tell she has plenty of older brothers??
The only person this doesn't work on is Mom.
Anya's 11th birthday. Her sister has trouble sharing the spotlight. Luckily for her Anya is a very gracious person.
Now her doll, Anastasia, doesn't have to sleep on the closet shelf:)
Peter drew her a picture for her birthday. This shot is just pure sweetness.
A good hearty laugh.
She was thrilled with all of her gifts.
Before you judge my lack of cake skills, I must explain. The original request was for a round chocolate cake with purple frosting. Whilst perusing a new and fun cookbook, I found a recipe for peanut butter frosting. Knowing my girl's love for the PB and chocolate combo, I asked if it would be appealing to her and it was. So what looks like a bad 70s lemon, is actually peanut butter frosting on a chocolate cake and it was fantastic.
The rest of the birthday: step one into becoming more girly than this girly girl already is. 
Piercing the ears.
She was very excited and equally nervous as well. She didn't cry, but she did cut off the flow of blood in my hand. Her posts (which you can't see well here) are tiny purple daisies. They are perfect for my purple princess.
Of course the other one had to get in on this. It's like she knows just what to do to get the attention turned away from everyone else and onto her. 
Even when she is trying to look angry, she's just cute . . . 
And when she is trying to look scary . . . well this one isn't quite so cute, but it is funny!