Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Yellow Comic

Genetics is a funny thing, hence two brunettes creating a dark blonde kid. That is our Peter, big ears, dirty blonde hair, a goofy smile and a love of silliness. This sweet boy had a birthday just last week and here is a taste of his humor:)
He is all about the silly face pulling.
We recently learned that a few of our children don't really care for birthday cake. So I, in my gracious laziness of not wanting to get arthritis decorating cakes that are not really desired, offered to make them whatever other dessert they wanted as their "birthday cake". Peter chose brownies. I love this kid.
  Not sure why the face, but you can see how well he has been tutoring his young girl padawan in the making of silly faces. I think they were going for fake sadness about the loss of the candles? Maybe? Who really knows.