Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still Catching Up

It has come to our attention through a source who shall remain nameless, that we have not blogged in a while. So here is a little snippet of us settling into our new home.
  Yep, there I am in all my magnificent catlike-ness. I did in fact kneel on the fridge in order to paint above the cabinets, there was really no other way to get up high enough. Plus this shows how dedicated I was to getting that family room/kitchen painted a lighter color:)

I don't really know what to say about this, just that she's a keeper:)

Now today, I was in the kitchen icing some sugar cookies, and I turned to stretch and noticed this happening. Our sweet little six year old Peter, took a moment this afternoon to sit and read the Book of Mormon. He then proceeded to tell me that the beginning of Alma is the best part and he just read "like 4 parts!" I'm not sure if he meant chapters or verses, probably the latter. Regardless, it doesn't get any better than moments like this.