Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Only a Bear

When you go to the zoo, is it really all that exciting to see the black bear exhibit?  I mean, is that the main attraction?  Of course not.  After all, it's only a bear.

This past week, our family headed to the Great Smoky Mountains for the first ever Knutti family reunion.  (More about that with pictures on Sunday.)  On the day everyone headed for home, we took a detour through the National Park.

So back to the bear.  Something changes when there is no longer a protective cage between you and the bear.  All of a sudden, it makes seeing a bear something different...something exciting.  It's no longer just a bear.  It's an adventure.  And James wasn't afraid (I think this is my favorite shot).  I can hear all the Grandma's in the audience gasping right now.
There was a mama bear with her three cubs high up in the tree.  I assume that's why the mama bear wasn't too concerned for the safety of her cubs.  (And why is there never a papa bear around?)  I didn't realize cubs were such good climbers.  And I had forgotten that bears were omnivores.  That makes me like them even more.
Here's one of the cubs...sorry the picture is a little fuzzy.  I had never photographed bears in the wild before.
Isn't this cub cute?  And he/she is such a good climber.
Here's the mama bear up close.
And here is my family watching the bears.  Mama bear is that black spot at the base of the tree.
Anya makes a good "rawr" face.  Seeing the bears was a fun way to end a great trip.  More in a couple of days...


Cheryl said...

No way! I guess taking the scenic route paid off after all. The most excitement we got on the way home was biting our nails while Rachel drove. BTW, Glen is not a good back seat driver.

Elaine said...

I CAN'T believe you just stood there and watched A BEAR! What were you thinking? And what if the bear had come running. Oh my goodness! Makes me want to faint. I wondered why I prayed so hard for your safety:-) So glad it was a wonderful trip and reunion!