Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reasons to Be Full of Thanks

With Mark having turned 12 recently, we took advantage during our Thanksgiving break to enjoy his first visit to the temple.  
He stood as proxy for those who had departed from this mortal life without having received the saving ordinance of baptism.  It was a great experience for us...and a tradition we hope to carry on with each of our children when they turn 12.  Our family goal this year is to determine what family history work has yet to be done so that we can take our own personal family names to the temple.  

Another fun event that we took part in was the Christmas festivities that occur in Old Town St. Charles.  The cobblestone streets add to the nostalgia.  The buildings are simply and tastefully decorated.  And there are Christmas characters from all over the world that walk the streets and talk with the children.  Plus, there are fresh baked goods and kettle corn.  Something for everyone!

We got there right in time for one of the many parades.  It looks so official with a police officer on top the horse.
There were drummers drumming and carolers and fairies and scrooges.  Every character you could imagine.
There were also a variety of santas from different parts of the country and world.  There was even a frontier Santa and a soldier Santa.  
And then the REAL Santa with Mrs. Claus concluded the parade in their carriage.  Luke's eyes opened wide as they passed and he said, "This is the closest I've ever been to Santa!"  He was so excited.  

So this Thanksgiving, we were thankful for the beauty of the eternities and the beauty of this mortal experience.  God is certainly good.  And we love this time of celebration.


tall dad said...

I'm glad I do not have to follow you in the development of my parenting skills. What a standard you have created. I love what you are doing for these incredible grandchildren. Thank you.

Cari said...

What a fun tradition and a great goal. Looks the parade was pretty cool - but cold! :) Santa showed up to our ward Christmas party on Saturday but our kids' reactions were less awesome - Speed cried when his aunt took him over and Hazel wouldn't go within 10 feet of him. When I asked her if she wanted to tell Santa what she wanted, she said, "No, I think he already knows anyway." :) Zizah didn't care one way or the other, which was cute. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your holidays!!