Monday, December 31, 2012

Do you ever get that feeling . . .

You know, the one where you are metaphorically running behind a speeding truck trying to catch hold of a rope to pull yourself in so that you can have a reprieve from the constant chase, but you never seem to be able to get a hold of that rope?

Well, that has been our life as a family these last two months. As the kids get older more stuff is going on and there are six of them after all, which multiplies everything:) So we will try to catch the rope now so we can ride in the truck for awhile. (At least until we hit the next inevitable pothole that pops us right out because of course we are riding in the back of a truck without proper safety restraints and the driver is very questionably incapable. Though I'm not sure who is driving this truck. It should be one of us right? How odd . . .)

This was not Anya's first recital, but it is her first medal. It was awarded for having had three years of piano lessons. Very exciting.

 We finally got some outdoor lighting. We are planning on more, but baby steps, you know.
 St. Nicholas Day morning, this is the most exciting December morning, since they get the bulk of their gifts this day.
 Pandimonious present sorting.

 The Annual Aunt Laurel Pajamas
 Seriously?? They even posed themselves:)
 It's like four cute little not-so-old-old-men.
I love having a huge mantel with plenty of room for the stockings and the nativity. This would of course be Christmas Eve.

Next comes the early morning company meeting at IHOP. Rumor has it that MandJ's is making some changes . . . 

This brings us to the close of the year 2012. It was an exciting year full of changes and new experiences and we are looking forward to 2013!


tall dad said...

And you expect me to be happy about being left out of all this growing, changing and excitement? Have you thought about moving to St. Louis while your children are so young and cute and before their grandparents bite the dust?

Laurel said...

Everything about this post makes me happy...even you feeling like you are behind a speeding truck (or is it in front of? ;) because your life is full of so many good things.

HOLYCOW. I love you guys. LOVE!