Monday, December 3, 2012


Yeah, we know.

It's December, and we are just getting around to posting Halloween pictures. Better late than never, plus once we post this we can throw in Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas sometime around Midsummers:)

We begin our belated Halloween adventure with a Big Boys trip to a haunted house. 
 Apparently it was scary, but not all THAT scary:)

Next is the annual Halloween Party. We are sorry to all of our guests, who we are honestly experimenting on while we figure out how to throw a really fun party. Nonetheless, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

 We had tons of food . . .
lots of games . . . 
and the everlasting doughnut eating contest. We always walk away from that smiling:)
Last but not least, the actual day of.
 The cast of Harry Potter
 And some animals
Yes, that is a dog, pig and panda.
What do they have to do with each other you might ask?
Not one darn thing. The end of an era has arrived, we are no longer able to coerce all six of our kids into wanting to dress up as a bug group for Halloween. So we did two groups this year. One matches and the other is just way to cute, not to mention they are dressed as their favorite animals. 
 Lest you think our baby girl odd, know that the pig won simply because it is pink. She loves and claims all things pink as her very own.

 How can you dress up as Harry Potter characters and not try some curses? They had a blast and raked in over 21 pounds of candy between the six of them. It was quite an event.


Cari said...

Very nice. And certainly better late than never. :) Yeah, our matching Halloween costumes lasted year. But as always, your kids looked awesome. I especially love James' hair - maybe I should dye my hair that color for Christmas! :)

Elaine said...

Love all the pictures. It feels almost like I was there:-)

Laurel said...

a) i love the title
b) i still can't believe Dave took Mark to a haunted house
c) the Harry Potter outfits? Are you kidding me? LOVE and love James' hair. TOO FUN
d) the littles? ohmycute.

I miss you all

tall dad said...

So why did we not even hear about the neighborhood party? Not even an invite from the little ones. Fun pics.