Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Wrath of a Child

There's a reason we have more boys than girls. But how I love my two little girls.

Anya is...well...Anya. She can amaze you with her natural mothering skills...with her knowledge of God and the scriptures...with her sensitivity to meet others' needs before her own. It's wonderful and an honor to be her father.

But when you cross her...or when she thinks you have crossed out. It's such a drastic change from her usual behavior that I catch myself wanting to laugh (which has gotten me into trouble as well). Today I had to reprimand her for a minor incident. And she went to her room and shut the door. --Nothing unusual.

I proceeded with my day and went outside to cut the grass for the last time this year (yea!) and rake the leaves...all bazillion of them! :) Within the first hour, all of the kids were outside playing in the yard...including Anya. When I finished the yardwork we played a little tag and threw the frisbee around. Anya was playing like normal.

I went inside with Luke and Peter while the older kids stayed outside a little longer. And Karen shared this note with me that Anya had taped to her door. I can't wait to see what the teenage years bring! Seriously...I can't wait!


Elaine said...

And that's what I love about our Anya...her wrath is immediate when she thinks you've not been fair AND forgotten just as quickly. I love her!

Sarah said...

I know you'll save that... what a completely priceless note.

Laurel said...

this reminds me of notes i used to write.