Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grandparents Day

Mark turns 8 this month...which means, in our church, he will be baptized. We are VERY excited. This afternoon in Primary, someone asked the kids what was happening in 3 weeks. Several kids raised their hands, but Anya was the most energetic. When she was called on to answer the question, she let everyone know that it was Mark's birthday in a few weeks (not the answer the teacher was looking for). I think she's excited, too. We love you, Mark!

The kids called their grandparents earlier to wish them a happy grandparents day. Both sets will be coming out at the end of September to be a part of Mark's special day. And our kids are really excited to see everyone. Luke has one cute little tooth and moves around the house now quicker than mom and dad can keep up. Good thing we have 4 other helpers! He's been crawling less than two weeks (late bloomer at 11 months) and he's already learned to climb the stairs...YIKES! Here's a quick sample of just how cute it is to have a little baby boy...Happy Grandparent's Day!


Mom said...

Thank you for the call. We both really enjoyed talking to Mark and Anya
The video is really cute. You guys make beautiful babies.

Elaine said...

Oh how adorable! I just can't wait to get there and hold him and love all the rest of you. Thanks to Mary and Anya and the little bit of James we got to talk with. It is so wonderful to be grandparents. I never imagined this time in my life.

Holly said...
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Holly said...

Oops! I meesed up on the first so I decided to delete it and start over again.

First, I think Luke is the cutest of all the kids you have produced. He is so adorable, just don't tell any of the others. He has very unique features and will be such a cutie as he grows.

Second, who is Mary that mom spoke of? I thought you only had one girls. Do you think she really meant Mark? I hope so cause then her message makes sense.

I'm glad that Mark will have a very special day, the end of this month. He is growing up so fast. He looks so much older now!

Finally, it's nice to hear what's happening in the Christensen (VA) home. It's been a while and I miss hearing about what is happening with the fam!

Love to all!
Aunt Holly or just Holly

Laurel said...

I cannot stand the cuteness of this family. Mark looks SO OLD...and Luke...have I even met him?

We just need to all live closer.
Can't wait to be there for Mark's big day!!

Wendy said...

Okay, I almost cried watching the video. I miss being able to see my side of the family! Those kids are just so cute! I wish it was possible to get together more often. I'm excited for Mark. It is a big deal, really, we just had a baptism for Sydney, our niece on Chad's side. It is just such an awesome experience to see these little people making such good choices!