Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Visit from Saint Nick

We have celebrated Saint Nicholas Day for several years now. But this year we did things a little differently. Since Santa has been overworked for some years, we offered to ease his burden by letting him bring his gifts, and grandmas's and grandpas's too, on his birthday. So the evening before the kids put their shoes by the front door, with a plate of cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.
David is learning to play with the camera and here is the tree after Santa's visit, but before the littles woke up.
This is our Advent Wreath, we just started it this year, and each Sunday we add something to our little garden in the center of it. Right now we have rocks and mini pinecones, next we will add tiny animals and then Mary and Joseph, all in preparation for the birth of Christ.
Santa even left little treats in the kids shoes as well as gifts under the tree.
Santa always leaves a lovely note to let us know if he liked the cookies and to let us know how good or bad we have all been throughout the year.

Since Daddy had an early morning dentist appt. and most of the country in which we live doesn't consider Saint Nick's day a really official holiday, we had to wait until Dad got home from work to open presents. Yes, for some it was a very long day:) However, it did eventually end and here they all are ready to dash for the presents.
Luke got a cool superman truck from Anya.
James got a Teddy Bear from Mark.
Mark is only a little excited about the Creationary game that Luke picked for him.
Eliza just loved the doll that James gave her.
They each received just fours gifts, but when there are six kids, it equals a lot of mess.
Anya showing off her new Granddaughter bracelet from Grandma and Grandpa Knutti.
Whatever Mark was opening certainly caught James' attention.
Peter just loved everything, he usually does.


Laurel said...

so. fun!

i'm freaking out at how much the kids have grown just since OBX.

miss you all very very much.

tall dad said...

Thank you, thank you. We are present through your pictures. Cutest kids ever. I will be sitting on the pourch waiting for your arrival in two weeks.